Moore Tires Hazard Plan

At Moore Tires, we offer a Nationwide Tire Protection Limited Warranty Plan on all Passenger Car Tires Installed. 

Free Tire Replacement for the first 33% of useable tread, prorated thereafter

Free Flat Repair up to $20 per repair

Coverage valid for up to three years (see warranty statement for coverage details)

Flat Tire Changing Assistance reimbursement nationwide

Nationwide Coverage- thousands of dealers, in all 50 states

Cost: $10.00 per tire

This limited road hazard warranty only applies to passenger tires, which, during its tread life or within the covered period of time, becomes unservicable because of a road hazard. The tire protection plan warranty is optional and the purchase must appear on your receipt. A road hazard occurs when a tire fails due to a puncture, bruise, or break incurred during normal driving on a maintained road. Nails, glass, and potholes would be the most common examples.